Roman, the brand

Since early 70’s the company has been committed to the ceramic tiles industry with production of wall tiles in Tulungagung, East Java. In the 90’s the Roman brand established a second production site PT. Satyaraya Keramindoindah in Tangerang, Indonesia. As a confirmation of increasing success, in 2007 a brand new plant started the production in East Java. This plant, called PT Roman Ceramic International, is equipped with the most advanced technology from Italy, so that it can be considered one of the most efficient ceramic factories in the whole of Indonesia and Asia. ISO 9001 certification ensures that the company is a reliable business partner for the global market.

Decades of experience in ceramics

Export to 60 countries

30 years export experience

Lyman group

Lyman Group, formerly known as SDR (Satya Djaja Raya) Group was established in 1959 by its founder, Mr. Susanta Lyman. Commencing from a trading business, Lyman Group presently diversified into other lines of business: Timber, Property, Building materials & Distribution, Agriculture and Oil & Gas. Our philosophy has always been "Reliability & Quality is Our Business". It is highly reflected in the excellence of our products & services and the integrity of our management expertise. We are committed to working together and contributing the best efforts for our people, business partners and clients.

Lyman group

A professional team

Professionalism is the key to Roman’s reputation as a leading producer of ceramic tiles. A holistic approach to the development of human resources allows our personnel to upgrade and refine their skills and expertise in the ceramic tile industry.


Sophisticated Italian-made equipment and innovative processes ensure excellent colour consistency, vibrant hues and low maintenance. Stringent controls at each stage of the manufacturing process guarantee that each tile that leaves the factory complies with the highest international and ISO standards.

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Floor and wall tiles for contemporary living

Roman offers a wide range of wall and floor tile collections, designed according to the latest trends of architecture and interior design. An inimitable choice of beautiful and reliable ceramic tiles available in various styles, moods and sizes, to satisfy the multiple needs of contemporary applications.